Ignacio Uriarte

Cover art
Publisheronestar press2008
A horizontal expansion followed by a vertical contraction of a Microsoft Excell cell. This book is made with Microsoft Excel. It can be opened and read from both sides with varying results and titles. In both cases cells evolve from thinnest possible lines to standard width squares and back to lines again, creating a zig-zag trace of movement. In the middle of the book the expansion changes to a contraction and the zig-zag causes a 90-degree change in orientation.
Cover art
PublisherKunsthalle Wien2015
The exhibition The Future of Memory is accompanied by an e-book, available as a free download here. The publication introduces essays by Clint Burnham, Michael Connor, and Nicolaus Schafhausen, alongside a detailed presentation of the works exhibited in the show, written by co-authors Marie Egger, Emilie Lauriola and Vanessa Joan Müller. Digital communication and virtual interlacing shape our world today and influence our collective memory. Remembering the past, experiencing the present and imagining the future all meld to become part of a seemingly equivalent imagery in digital space. The Future of Memory critically challenges constructions of reality and investigates the conditions ...

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