Sara VanDerBeek

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PublisherNorth Drive Press2007
Sara Greenberger Rafferty, another artist committed to collaboration and artist-produced publications, joined North Drive Press as co-editor. Sara and Matt expanded North Drive Press to include exhibition and print publishing programs—separate from but complementary to the annual NDP publication. They organized an evening at New York’s performance venue The Kitchen, published a suite of Exquisite Corpse prints, and exhibited at NADA and various other venues. Becca Albee & Kathleen Hanna Fia Backström & Wade Guyton Jennifer Bornstein & Jonathan Horowitz Sarah Charlesworth & Sara VanDerBeek Ken Gonzales-Day & Edgar Arcenaux Alice Könitz & Michael Ned Holte Eileen Quinlan & Liz Deschenes Frances Stark & Amy Yao Erika Vogt & ...
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This binder is organized around eight topics, each offering a constellation of questions as a way to navigate our image-saturated world. The topics build on one another and shape a multidimensional perspective of photographs as objects and images, as agents of history and instigators of contemporary conversations. As imaging technologies evolve, so does our thinking around what we see—everything from a vintage black-and-white print to an image manipulated on a mobile device—and how we see. Hence, we draw on the work of artists, scholars, and teachers who urge us to look in-depth and with care, and offer myriad ways for ...

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