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The third African Cities Reader explores the unholy trinity of land, property and value – the life force of cities everywhere. In an era of late modernity marked by a speculative compulsion that takes on a spectral character as it instigates adventures of city imagineering, deal-making and symbolic reinvestment, the material effects are often displacement, violence, daylight robbery and yet another round of elite seduction. The incessant (re) making of the African city is a game that leaves few untouched or unmoved and literally prepares the ground for the inhabitation of another 400 million urban dwellers over the next two ...
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When we remember Saraba‘s first outing in February this year, our minds abound with memories of novice, noble beginnings. We are wont to rejuvenate the passion through which the rough gem of our idea materialized into what some have referred to as a ―glorified color book.‖ Ordinarily if we could walk back through the corridors of time, we would leave the Family Issue intact. But with every issue, Saraba evolves and now it is with the quaint prospect of a first draft that we regard it. It‘s only logical that we rewrite a first draft. And re-issue it. Guest-edited by Jumoke ...
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It is arguable that justice is as sweet as revenge, or even sweeter. Justice, after all, is civilized revenge meted with a communal consent. Humanity has a raving appetite for Justice. Nigeria, like many countries, is however starved of justice. Jus- tice cannot be found in the rusted lead-pipes of judicial bureau- cracy, in the cavernous courtrooms with termite-eaten wooden docks. Justice has retired from these places. Justice has relocat- ed to the jungle, to the hearts of hapless civilians, to the aggre- gation of market stalls, to rundown beer parlours and still, Justice is neither satis ed nor safe. Justice ...
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A Saraba special issue on global migration and refugees featuring the work of Tobias Zielony & Victor Ehikhamenor, as part of the German Pavilion, 56th Venice Biennale, 2015

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