Yvonne Volkart

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PublisherFHNW HGK2022
Learning from M is the first episode of the new series Going to the Limits of Your Longing, Research as Another Name for Care. It features Yvonne Volkart, author, curator and head of research at the Institute Art Gender Nature HGK FHNW, and artist and cultural producer Peter Spillmann in memory of the artist, curator, researcher, writer, and teacher Marion von Osten. Von Osten’s curatorial, theoretical, and altogether empathic approaches to the medium of exhibition-making revolved around artistic research devoted to the collective. In Learning from M, Yvonne Volkart and Peter Spillmann take the opportunity to remember Marion von Osten and talk about ...
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This issue of OnCurating consists of a variety of texts and interviews, which were developed out of interviews from participants connected to the Postgraduate programme in Curating (www.curating.org). Many of the authors and interviewees gave lectures and participated in the programme over the last four years, adding to the dialogue in the postgraduate programme, as well as other curators in the field. In the spirit of slowing down, in sometimes rather a hastily discourse, we would like to present them to a broad public, which engages with our main topics: politics of display, politics of site and politics of transfer and ...
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Switzerland plays a central role in the global commodity trade with gold and especially in its refining. Having fueled early modern industrialization as well as contemporary finance, Swiss trading and refining activities have influenced vivid cultural, affective and moral economies. They have contributed to Swiss wealth, but also to national narratives of independence, safety and white supremacy. The volume follows the entanglements of the global metabolism of gold by tracking down the elusive and often invisible paths of molecules, affects and violence: Swiss Psychotropic Gold.

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