Hiroshi Watanabe

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An ‘object’ is a work of architecture that is expressly cut off from its environment. Objects are not exclusive to any particular architectural style, but objectification has long been central to western architecture. Indeed, it might even be said to be the very strategy by which modernism succeeded in conquering the world. It is all-pervasive because it is consistent with the aim of the prevailing economic system: to transform virtually everything into a commodity. In Anti-Object, Kengo Kuma argues that this mindset prevents us from establishing a healthy relationship with the external world and suggests that an alternative form of architecture ...
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This eighth instalment in the AA’s widely acclaimed Architecture Words series publishes for the first time in English a collection of architectural writings and essays by the prominent Japanese architect Toyo Ito. Born in 1941, Ito is one of the world’s most innovative architects. Central to a new generation of architects that emerged in Japan in the wake of the radical Metabolist group (its proponents include Kisho Kurokawa and Kiyonori Kikutake), Ito has synthesised the experimental architectural language of Metabolism with his own distinct design sensibility. First evidenced by his Aluminium House, White U and Silver Hut House, his architecture has ...

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