A screening and discussion of films on recent struggles in the logistics sector. BBC, Panaroma: Amazon’s Truth Behind the Click, 2013 Maria Elena Scandaliato, Sciopero Generale Logistica, 2013 Cinema Action, Dock Strike 1972 Films and clips from Oakland, Bologna, Ellwood and more… Guest speakers from Angry Workers of the World [http://angryworkersworld.wordpress.com/] Pamphlet Contents: Brian Ashton The Factory Without Walls (short version) Wildcat Umschlagspunkt Angry Workers of the World (Wealmoor Leaflet) Angry Workers of the World (Jack Wills Leaflet) UniNomade Circuits of Recomposition: Towards and Beyond the #22M Logistics Workers’ Strike Society of Enemies Blockading the Port Is Only The First of Many Last Resorts Further Resources: Brian Ashton, ‘Logistics and The Factory Without Walls’ (long version) http://www.metamute.org/editorial/articles/logistics-and-factory-without-walls Jasper Bernes, ‘Logistics, Counterlogistics ...

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