Jeff Witscher

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“Bifurcating a Resounding No!” compounds a variety of prepared acoustic situations, computer synthesis and field recordings developed in the software bidule. It strives to create a multidimensional listening experience both subtle & engaging. It is intended for listening in quiet environments through headphones or monitors with little distraction. The photograph is a book (The Queen’s Gambit), a bookmark (acid) and one of Ingmar Bergman’s favorite quotes “We come into this world with sealed orders”. All of this is inspired by smothered mate (chess) which is a checkmate delivered by a knight in which the mated king is unable to move because ...
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PublisherLateral Addition2020
A Reader Response Exercise for 10 Participants & GRM Sample Pack “With some conceptual tools, we will be able to find one or several desirable directions for music without having to obey to the dictatorship of technology. For example, the possibilites [sic] of AI in music is in the air nowadays. Lots of people are talking about it but it’s striking how little we think about what music actually is or should be. How can we have a valid opinion on the new possibility computer sciences offer to us as composers if we don’t think harder about the purpose of music ...

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