Liam Young

PublisherRadio Web Macba2018
This is a podcast about objects, in particular about theories that have recently brought us new perspectives on objects from contemporary art and theory. In this episode, we talk to McKenzie Wark, Liam Young and Mette Edvardsen about space. Space, and the spaces we inhabit as mediating objects. Space as object of desire, as the ultimate “outer”. Space as a medium for extremely strange objects, from heavenly bodies to UFOs and many other myths. A three-way look at the idea of space, from political theory to performance art.
PublisherThe Funambulist2015
Throughout this conversation, we explore the multiple facets of Liam Young’s work for Tomorrow Thoughts Today (originally founded with Darryl Chen) and the Unknown Fields Division (with Kate Davies), his studio at the Architectural Association in London that took him to various expeditions around the world in order to document how our cities, in their infrastructure, extend far beyond their geographical limits and produce geological landscapes. As we discuss, the tentative does not consist in moralizing this production, but rather intervening within it as designers, often through (science) fiction that allows to problematize situations and to expand imaginaries. The last ...
The future never felt closer than it does today. A series of environmental, technological and social shifts are affecting today’s world and the human’s role within it. Continuous urbanization, the impact of the anthropogenic activity on the natural environment, the increasing use of algorithmic systems in all sectors of life, and the growing asymmetries of power among territories and populations, are all central issues at stake. How possible is it to address the future and the changes already taking place?

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