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PublisherTalk is Cheap2019
aka @marsmaiers aka @wilsondotfm
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Digital Materiality in the Age of Design Systems Parsons Communication Design Symposium In an increasingly homogenized interaction design landscape, how can we continue to craft unique digital experiences? As designers, how do we retain agency and ownership over a process which has become progressively atomized? The past several years have seen the rise of design systems and frameworks along with toolchains and build processes which have dramatically expanded the complexities of designing and developing for screen. Design and engineering roles have splintered and specialized, with large teams becoming the norm for producing digital artifacts at any scale. The net result has been a profusion ...
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In this episode, Noah and Vivian discuss privacy in the world of NFTs and web3, a space that is inherently transparent. Is it uncomfortable to be publicly yourself online all the time? What if you could escape yourself? How do artists create work that speaks to privacy or invert the transparency of the blockchain? They collect a piece from a project called Everything I Own by anonymous artist Stardrop, as well as a piece from blind auction project Mars Maiers. Stardrop photographs all 1026 items that they own (including love letters, vaccination card, tax returns, drivers license), and the project is intended ...

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