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Cornelius Castoriadis never had a notebook. He wrote on the paper that was at hand. Whether it was the back of Red Cross ration tickets, the blank section of a conference schedule, or the reverse side of old documents from his workplaces such as the OECD and the Hôpital Henri-Rousselle, like a keen-eyed magpie he worked on the paper that was nearby. He sketched out his thoughts in a manner that combined an acerbic and polemical wit with an unflagging commitment to the ideals of freedom. It reveals a style that includes an alarming sense of political urgency, a fastidious care for semantic details, and an encyclopedic sweep in historical vision. These pages, collected from his archive, are now also like visual timepieces for a belated “notebook.” They have been assembled as a montage of his engagement with philosophy, economics, politics, mathematics, and include a draft of a publication in which he outlines his seminal theory of the imagination…

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