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Blueprint. Bodies. Tennis. Clock. Air. Surgery. Windmill. Accused. Ronin. Bread.

About the Creators

Howie Chen is a New York–based curator engaged in collaborative art production and research. His curatorial and institutional work experience includes the Whitney Museum of American Art and MoMA PS1. He is a founder of Dispatch, a NYC curatorial production office and JEQU, a research project to assess how sociological and cultural economic approaches to art world debates can augment artistic critique. In 2003, with artist Mika Tajima, he formed New Humans, a moniker for collaborations with musicians, artists and designers that was included in the 2008 Whitney Biennial and has more recently undertaken projects at SFMOMA and South London Gallery. Writings include IRL (Primary Information) and Transformers (Badlands Unlimited).

Those who know me may have received this video link from me at some time. A rare document I continually revisit. A peak at the blueprint without many details. The only description accompanying the video: “1994 63 EAST 4TH STREET..THE LAST GREAT TOGETHER AND LOOSE CONVERSATION ABOUT ART & ARTIST”.

It hits home.

This summer, with this book on my nightstand, I have been following the tennis controversy around Nick Kyrgios and reminded of Andre Agassi, and Steffi Graf -- their strange game.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s work in forensic audio analysis is rigorous and generative. The Hummingbird Clock gives the tools of audio surveillance (technology once exclusive to the state) to the watched, wronged, and accused. The clock archives the frequency of the hum in the country’s power supply to be used to identify the matching date/time of noise in an audio recording. Designed by veteran ‘clockmaker’ David Reinfurt.

Erik Satie would be envious of this track. Hatched in a garage and later becoming the theme music to technology emerging from the same place. The recognizable hold music on Cisco phone systems. It is the electronic music equivalent to Seinfeld – an aural holding pattern. The bureaucratic banger of our time.

“If beyond liquidity is air” as the promotional video states the material limits of art become apparent. However, financialization aerates it. What is the instrument in our hands that is always escaping. Real Flow is like watching open heart surgery about this stuff.

What is the market?
Allocator of scarce means to given ends? An epistemic process -- a neo-liberal trading floor for information? Financial derivatives expert and philosopher Elie Ayache proposes the concept of market as a material medium bounded like a written book, inscribed by the future. Speculation and windmills.

In this online bibliographical index, scrolling down an entry is a movement from objective information to the critically subjective. The “notes” and “references” section in the entries reveal a voice (referring to a “we”). What is a librarian without a library? Here is a ronin indexer of crucial and hard to find cultural materials, still just out of reach.

The character universe for this Japanese anime series is the largest of any animated cartoon series with over 2000 characters, starring a bread head superhero named Anpanman. Nearly everything in the world is anthromorphized and given a suffix “-man”. This is the encyclopedia of all the characters. Makes one dream of a novel or a film this granular and expansive.

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