Could it be that contemporary art is neoliberalism in its most purified form? At the center of our December issue is a constellation of unusually frank essays mounting an indictment of contemporary art’s complicity with gentrification and capital accumulation, with processes of divestiture and exploitation…

Julieta Aranda, Brian Kuan Wood, Anton Vidokle

Exhaustion and Senile Utopia of the Coming European Insurrection
Franco Berardi Bifo

A Letter from Donetsk: Art Amidst the Roses
Ekaterina Degot

Contemporary art does not account for that which is taking place
Liam Gillick

In Conversation with Hakim Bey
Hans Ulrich Obrist

Culture Class: Art, Creativity, Urbanism, Part I
Martha Rosler

Politics of Art: Contemporary Art and the Transition to Post-Democracy
Hito Steyerl

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