Surprisingly few people have flinched at the way Osama bin Laden was disposed of. Even for the most wanted man in the world, one imagines that it would have been both ethically and politically more expedient to stage a trial before his execution, similar to the way it was done in the case of Saddam Hussein. But such an expectation would risk overlooking the degree to which, for states and individuals alike, much political activity now takes place outside of official channels and beyond the jurisdiction of formal legal bodies…

Julieta Aranda, Brian Kuan Wood, Anton Vidokle

Radicalism as Ego Ideal: Oedipus and Narcissus
Diedrich Diederichsen

In Conversation with Julian Assange, Part I
Hans Ulrich Obrist

Avoiding False Problems: Politics of the Fluid, Hybrid, and Flexible
Suely Rolnik

Culture Class: Art, Creativity, Urbanism, Part III
Martha Rosler

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