How do we invent bad criteria for rotten infrastructure, the sliding of norms to the always incomplete and the already broken? The hack, the stupid fix, the patch—these are songs sung out of holes and faults and leaks. We are only now discovering that the limits to our endurance are actually far more constitutive than our daydream fantasies of a wholeness based in currency that already functions perfectly well as toilet paper. This is past the Romantic tradition of inspired cataclysmic becoming and inside of its ruin only because it’s just not how things work out for most people who can’t afford to imagine themselves into concrete circumstances that will ever align with basic needs…

Elizabeth A. Povinelli, Julieta Aranda, Brian Kuan Wood, Anton Vidokle

Holding Up the World, Part I
Karrabing Film Collective

Holding Up the World, Part II: Time/Bank, Effort/Embankments
Elizabeth A. Povinelli

Holding Up the World, Part III: In the Event of Precarity … A Conversation
Lauren Berlant and Elizabeth A. Povinelli

Holding Up the World, Part IV: After a Screening of When the Dogs Talked at Columbia University
Audra Simpson, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, and Liza Johnson

The Negative Floats: Questions of Earth Inheritance
Natasha Ginwala and Vivian Ziherl

Designs for a New World
McKenzie Wark

SO NOW!: On Normcore
Rory Rowan

“From Little Things, Big Things Grow”: The Unfurling of Wild Policy
Tess Lea

“Un solo palo no hace monte”: Notes on the Otherwise’s Inevitable Infecundity
Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza

Cosmos as Commons: An Activation of Cosmic Diplomacy
Debbora Battaglia

After the Fictions: Notes Towards a Phenomenology of the Multitude
Dilip Gaonkar

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