This issue marks the beginning of e-flux journal’s second year. The open-ended editorial model seems to be working—contributors have frequently chosen to borrow, extend, or elaborate upon concerns opened up by previous texts. So far, discussions on self-design have spoken to an interest in self-building practices, the factory as a museum became the museum as a factory, while a speculative model for granting legitimacy to artistic acts in the absence of exhibition infrastructures sidestepped both spaces. An essay on the dormant potential in the art academy stimulated a discussion about art education, while questions of how art pedagogy can contribute to a broader understanding of literacy overlapped with an exploration of the borders between legibility and illegibility…

Julieta Aranda, Brian Kuan Wood, Anton Vidokle

Across the Rationalist Veil
Anselm Franke

For They Know What They Do Know
Barbad Golshiri

Modernity’s Obsession with Systems of Preservation
Bilal Khbeiz

Viewing Copies: On the Mobility of Moving Images
Sven Lütticken

Irene ist Viele! Or What We Call “Productive” Forces
Marion von Osten

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