On February 26, 2015, Robin Mackay travelled to Graz, to speak at the show-johnmccracken/text/) at Künstlerhaus Halle für Kunst & Medien. In the talk Mackay attempted to draw some brief comparisons between the sound work of Hecker and the analyses of colour proposed by Éric Alliez in his book on modern painting, The Brain-Eye, which he had spent the previous year translating. Apart from extensive works on the rail line which made travel both ways extremely taxing, the most notable thing about the episode was the impressive cathedral-like echo in the grand hall of the Künstlerhaus. Hecker requested a recording be made of the talk and, upon his return, Mackay received a sound file in which Hecker had used software to surgically remove his voice, leaving only the reverberations of his words.

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