What is Library Stack?

Library Stack is a bibliographic database and repository of digital arts publications. The collection includes individual artists’ projects, serial PDF journals, filmed lectures, typefaces, podcasts, ebooks, software and other types of non-standard digital objects. These are indexed with full contributor attribution and archived for institutional library access. Subscribing libraries will find full-text search, direct downloads, discovery layer integration and commercial ebook lending.


Where do contents come from?

Contents are gathered from a wide network of platforms and artists, with selection by Library Stack and collaborating editors. Many titles are openly accessible under a wide range of distribution choices, which Library Stack collectively terms “Common Access.” Select commercially published titles are also available to subscribing libraries for patron lending.


What are Library Stack’s archival preservation procedures?

Library Stack’s file archive is backed up across multiple cloud systems. We preserve files precisely as they were published, and do not intervene to migrate formats or update code. We encourage common standard formats like pdf, mp3 or epub, and work continually with artists and publishers to achieve best archival practices.


Where does the name Library Stack come from?

Library Stack is both a research tool for libraries and a publishing and distribution platform for artists. The name combines the 19th century bookshelf-as-architecture (a library’s stacks) with the 21st century architecture of digitality (the “tech stack”), and speaks to an entire circuit from creator to reader.


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