Where do contents come from, and how does Library Stack archive them?

Contents are gathered from a range of independent publishers, working artists, design and architecture firms and academic theorists. Selection is by Library Stack and a growing circle of collaborating editors. We preserve files precisely as they were published, focusing on common standard formats like .pdf, .mp3 or .epub, and work with all authors to achieve best archival practices. Our file collection is backed up across three cloud storage systems.


Explain Common Access and Reserved Circulation

Items in Library Stack that are openly accessible under a range of distribution licenses are collectively termed “Common Access”. They can be downloaded immediately by institutional users or requested from storage by public users (retrieval takes a few hours). Reserved Circulation items are commercially controlled and only available for borrowing through our partner libraries.


Explain Onsite and Offsite

Common Access items can be either Onsite (available for immediate download) or Offsite (held in our storage server and available via retrieval request). Onsite items are indicated by a downward-facing arrow icon, while Offsite items use a pyramid-vault icon. Institutional users will find all Common Access items Onsite.


Why do I need an account?

Accounts are necessary to file offsite requests or borrow Reserved Circulation items, and they give all users expanded research tools. If you are affiliated with one of our partner libraries, use that email to register. Accounts are free, and we do not collect any user data. See our privacy policy here.


My library subscribes, but I’m having trouble accessing items.

Be certain to access your account on the institutional network, or use a VPN if you’re at a remote location, or simply affiliate your account to your institution on the My Account page.

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