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Invited to Stockholm in spring of 2015 to work with the graduating MA and BA students of the Royal Institute of Art on “making a publication,” the two foreign editors of A:Art (Stuart Bailey and Angie Keefer) instead found themselves swept into the death throes of a decades-old struggle between rival institutions over the current identity and possible future of a national art scene. The book is a chronological account of events that unfolded among the Academy, the art school, its students, assorted government ministries, and the Swedish press, with accompaniment from various outside texts, including Raymond Williams’ Keywords, an ...
Printed Web Editions is a series of print-on-demand zines published by Paul Soulellis. Each zine features an individual artist’s work. All Printed Web Editions are 8.5 in. x 11 in., 72 pages + cover with a project statement by the artist. Works in the series include Molly Soda YouTube by Molly Soda, Sorry to dump on you like by Christopher Clary, Rafaël Rozendaal’s Abstract Browsing, and Clement Valla’s Three Digs A Skull.  
PublisherLink Editions2013
“After Brad Troemel” (ABT) is an artist book conceived for the JstChillin exhibition “Read/Write” at 319 Scholes in Brooklyn in 2011. The book—originally published in a limited edition of 20—took as its conceptual core the characterization of artist Brad Troemel as a genius and a mastermind analyzed through the lens of conspiracy theory and amateur internet sleuthing. According to artist and writer Artie Vierkant, who wrote the introduction to this edition, ABT is not “about Brad Troemel, nor any of the myriad names or identities that are mentioned in its pages. ABT is about the construction of identity in a mediated ...
This sixteen page book is titled ‘Alif, after the first letter and numeral of the Arabic language, which are both written with a single stroke. The book contains a series of love poems possibly written by the seventh century arab poet Abu Nuwas, to his contemporary, the alchemist Jabir Ibn Hayyan. The poems are said to be carried out by the poet according to rigorous parameters set by the alchemist.
PublisherThe Distance Plan2015
“…And I was like—yes it is! Part of my broader project as an artist is thinking about how the term climate change can be redefined and expanded to enable people to understand its relevance. So climate change is redefined as an issue of inequality, or social justice, and also urban design and planning. So if I go by that broader definition, I don’t see why I should exclude those things here.” Amy Howden-Chapman in conversation with the Newspaper Reading Club, 2015
PublisherPrimary Information2014
An Anti-Catalog was the work of the Catalog Committee of the group Artists Meeting for Cultural Change (AMCC). A landmark publication of the 1970s, its purpose was to protest the Whitney Museum of American Art’s bicentennial exhibition, which was titled “Three Centuries of American Art.” The Whitney show featured John D. Rockefeller III’s collection of mainly eighteenth and nineteenth-century American art–a collection that featured only one African American and one woman artist. The Catalog Committee, which consisted of fifteen artists and two art historians, spent almost a year producing an eighty-page book containing articles and documents. Originally conceived as a critique of art historian E.P. Richardson’s catalog for the Whitney exhibition, ...
Material circulation encompasses architectural production and de-production when considered within geological time. Architecture is a fleeting construct—a temporary, unstable container of increasingly-valued minerals that is always in a state of settling. You say to brick, “what do you want, brick?” Brick says to you,”I want to be mud.” Aggregates, especially with the rise of modern concrete, have become our second most-used resource. While sand, gravel, and small rocks account for up to 75% of concrete’s composition, sand alone accounts for over 85% of global mining activity. As a finite resource, aggregates on the market wield consequences from land-reclamation driven conflicts to ...
Anpanman is a Japanese picture book series written by Takashi Yanase, which ran from 1973 until 2013 following his death. Heavily merchandised, the Anpanman characters appear on virtually every imaginable children’s product, from clothes to video games to toys to snack foods. The Anpanman books have collectively sold over 50 million copies in Japan.   This entry was included in Library Stack as part of a collection by Howie Chen.
PublisherLateral Office2019
An atlas of Canadian Ruralism including land use, infrastructure, community, structures, architecture, and important radical rural visions. Produced as part of the the studio “The New Ruralism” at University of Toronto Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, by Prof Mason White.
PublisherWeiyi Li2011
BIG AND USELESS and NOW are two projects based on the Inline Futura typeface drawn by Weiyi Li in 2011. This title was included in Library Stack as part of the collection Open Font License, by Bryce Wilner.
Philosophical thoughts by birds, drawn and put into words by the artist. „Birds“ was inspired by Jim Goldberg’s „Rich and Poor“, a collection of photographs of rich and poor Americans, each with a handwritten statement by the subject, thereby creating a heart gripping portrait of the USA. It was a logical step to have an ornithologist (a fictional ornithologist) portrait birds in a similar way, for they have just as much to say about the human condition. If people would only listen. “I have no idea what people think of me, I don’t think much of them, that’s for sure. Life is a bitch for ...
An 80 point manifesto on polite art. Like every intimate dinner party, Bon Ton Mais Nonrequires one symphony orchestra, a pastry chef, a large mirror, and the fact of cannibal sirens. Second edition is available for purchase here.
Commons is not something that just exists out there, nor is it something that is objectively present in certain resources or things. It is a relation of people with the conditions they describe as essential for their existence, collectively,” writes Stavros Stavrides, architect, activist, and author of Common Space: The City as Commons. Stavrides understands the creation, development, and maintenance of commons as a social practice that radically challenges capitalist values and hierarchical forms of social organization. Constructed in this way, urban spaces differ both from private enclosures and from public space as we know it: common spaces are permanently inviting ...
PublisherLink Editions2015
The 8th issue of the series In my Computer, Command-Shift-4: Screenshots 2001–2014 presents a selection of about 350 images out of the 40,000 screenshots taken by the Austrian duo along its existence. Curated by German designer Diane Hillebrand, the book is born as an e-book translated into paper form. Although both versions of the book can be experienced linearly, as an usual book, they are actually hypertexts that should be primarily navigated hypertextually, clicking on links (in the e-book version) or following notes (in the paper version). In the e-book version, hyperlinks are visualized using icons in 14 different kinds ...
PublisherBadlands Unlimited2016
“Decrophilia” by artist Matthew Raviotta stylishly excavates the exotic and familiar world of American suburbia. In a sequence of seductive and sometimes bewildering images, the book mines the trappings of comfort that epitomizes the mythic good life of middle class incomes and stable homes. Compositions with scented candles, custom shower curtains, and cough medicine juxtapose with writhing bodies and models that embody the look and feel of “flu chic.” The contrast between the longing of subconscious desire outside the bounds of comfort and the charmingly demented reality of suburban life are brought into sharp and hilarious relief.
PublishersFrohmann Verlag0x0a2016
Every day, people on Wikipedia nominate articles for deletion and discuss whether they should remain in the encyclopedia or not. This is done on a sub page called “Articles for deletion”. A frequent reason for exclusion of an entry is “non-notability”. After I had a look at those discussions, the article about my own person (Gregor Weichbrodt) ironically became nominated for deletion from the German Wikipedia, too. The anonymous person that put me on the list wrote “Completely misses notability criteria for ‘authors’. Unsatisfying notability criteria for artists too.” I wrote a Python script to download the contents of every “articles for ...
PublisherLink Editions2013
“Diff in June” tells a day in the life of a personal computer, written by itself in its own language, as a sort of private log or intimate diary focused on every single change to the data on its hard disk. Using a small custom script, for the entire month of June 2011 Martin Howse registered each chunk of data which had changed within the file system from the previous day’s image. Excluding binary data, one day’s sedimentation has been published in this book, a novel of data archaeology in progress tracking the overt and the covert, merging the legal ...
PublisherSeth Price2002-
“One of the ways in which the Conceptual project in art has been most successful is in claiming new territory for practice. It’s a tendency that’s been almost too successful: today it seems that most of the work in the international art system positions itself as Conceptual to some degree, yielding the “Conceptual painter,” the “DJ and Conceptual artist,” or the “Conceptual web artist.” Let’s put aside the question of what makes a work Conceptual, recognizing, with some resignation, that the term can only gesture toward a thirty year-old historical moment. But it can’t be rejected entirely, as it has ...
PublishersMottoChert Gallery2013
A conversation between David Horvitz with David Senior.
PublisherPaper Monument2012
Draw It with Your Eyes Closed: the Art of the Art Assignment, is a unique and wide-ranging anthology featuring essays, drawings, and assignments from over 100 contributors including: John Baldessari, William Pope.L, Mira Schor, Rochelle Feinstein, Bob Nickas, Chris Kraus, Liam Gillick, Amy Sillman, James Benning, and Michelle Grabner. Practical and quixotic in equal parts, the art assignment can resemble a riddle as much as a recipe, and often sounds more like a haiku, or even a joke, than a clear directive. From introductory exercises in perspective drawing to graduate-level experiments in societal transformation, the assignment coalesces ideas about what ...
PublisherBook Two2013
Drones – unmanned aerial vehicles – are becoming ubiquitous, yet remain almost invisible. This is a guide to drawing them.
PublisherBadlands Unlimited2016
“Dynasty” is the first e-book by the acclaimed fashion designer Bernard Willhelm. “Dynasty” documents Willhelm’s newfound Southern California existence. The constant documentation of his daily life demonstrates his humorous, inquisitive, and obsessive way of seeing the world: images of the food he devours, the scenic landscapes surrounding him, his own body, various gay paraphernalia, the texts he avidly reads, notes, and seemingly disparate objects. All of this comes together in “Dynasty” to show how incredibly present Willhelm is in his own life. The styling of his photos mirror the energy and narrative thrust of contemporary photographers like Wolfgang Tillmans. “Dynasty” ...
If there is one thing that deserves to be called “genuine internet literature,” then it is user generated erotica. Besides fan fiction, no other textual genre has thrived on the absence of editorial and moral oversight as much as written porn. Produced by millions of mostly anonymous amateur writers for no pay whatsoever, and harking back to the earliest days of the usenet, there is little that represents the spirit of the web more truthfully. For Erotica, I used Kimono to scrape one of the largest repositories of amateur erotic writing,, in its entirety (10 million words, 52,000 lemmata). Removing all words that a Python script could identify ...
PublisherMagnum Photos2016
Europa is a book created by a group of Magnum photographers and journalists who have been covering both the refugee crisis in Europe and the many contexts across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa that gave rise to these migrations. This book is launched in partnership with the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) as the first project under its special program, the Arab European Creative Platform. The book harnesses the collective energy, skills and resources of its contributors to create Europa, a collaborative and independent book, the first of its kind intended for practical use by migrants and ...
In 1977, photographers Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel sifted through thousands of photographs in the files of the Bechtel Corporation, the Beverly Hills Police Department, the Jet Propulsion Laboratories, the U.S. Department of the Interior, Stanford Research Institute and a hundred other corporations, American government agencies, and educational, medical and technical institutions. They were looking for photographs that were made and used as transparent documents and purely objective instruments–as evidence, in short. Selecting 50 of the best, they printed these images with the care you would expect to find in a high-quality art photography book, publishing them in a simple, ...

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