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A Euro Is A Euro Is A Euro: Fieldwork In European Realism appears in issue 2 of Fictional Journal (online only), and is reproduced in the PROPAGANDA pdf document. As a singular embodiment of matter and representation, the Euro-skulptur is as abstract as money, as tangible as cash. An essay and animations analyse the sculpture as a material symbol of the European Union. Euro cash is European Realism, it is a representation of things as they actually are, it is the sincere, un-idealised rendition of con- temporary life in the EU. we normally look at architecture, or more broadly at the built environment, ...
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The Manual contains a wide array of landscape and urban strategies combined with technological solutions that should be taken into account by all decision makers, designers and citizens that will face the development of Oslo and also of others cities. It aims to do a complex teamwork among several actors, adding a new common ground of discussion towards a shared goal. “Foresturbia” has positive social effects. It involves the users in a new way engaging them and suggesting them that they are the first who should act to make the world a better place instead of selling them pre-made solutions: ...

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