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“Rosa Barba’s Somnium (…) draws together many of the key concerns that have emerged in the artist´s oeuvre over the past decade. Its point of departure is a short story by the German astronomer Johanner Kepler. Although framed as a dream, this tale of a lunar voyage was devised to validate the radically seditious thesis of a heliocentric universe. Published posthumously in 1634 and only rarely reprinted over the next three centuries, his text was finally rescued from obscurity when translated into several European languages. Soon gaining a reputation among devotees of science fiction, today it is widely recognized as ...
There is no way of telling what is going on here if you both fail to 
speak Japanese and query the authenticity of the subs, but it’s like 
Shonen Knife meets Can Dialectics Break Bricks with lobsters and a 
custom-made bra for shooting materialist lasers? Most people will 
recognize their first experience of reading Marx as being not dissimilar 
while not being similar to this.

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