PublisherIll Will Editions2019
This letter first appeared on May 3, 2019, on the ZADForever blog. “The art of winning on the ZAD involved so many tactics from legal to illegal, but under each one of them lay the shared belief that the airport would never get built, it was an intense act of imagination aimed at envisioning a future without an airport. Is it possible to conjure up that rebel imagination against the third runway?” Shouts out to our friends in Minneapolis for their design work on this one.
Gauss PDF : A publisher of digital and print works. : J. Gordon Faylor gausspdf@gmail.com Oakland, CA
PublisherUtopian Acts2019
Help Us Build the World is an anthology zine edited and assembled by the Utopian Acts collective. The founders and current organisers of the Utopian Acts network are Katie Stone and Raphael Kabo.
PublisherGauss PDF2019
Although a “closet drama” is by definition a play meant to be read rather than performed, this does not preclude an attempt at staging the anima. Unlinking “closet drama” from its primary theatrical definition in this way frees up other connotations for “closet drama” as well, which I think serves the plays. “Anima,” Latin for soul or vitality, is also Jung’s word for emergent femininity. If we proceed towards a performance, anything in italics should be considered a stage direction, even if it seems to interrupt speech. These directions should be taken seriously and enacted wherever possible (through set, lighting, audio, ...
Urgency Reader is a quick assembling of texts, risograph printed in Pawtucket, RI, and bound as a book at the last minute to launch at the Odds and Ends Art Book Fair at Yale University Art Gallery on December 6, 2019. Suggested topics from the open call included ⊹urgency, ⊹craft ⊹queerness ⊹gender ⊹transformation ⊹kinship ⊹race ⊹survival ⊹post-apocalyptic practice ⊹futurity ⊹pedagogy ⊹surveillance capitalism ⊹death of capital ⊹radical publishing ⊹decolonization ⊹augmentation ⊹resistance ⊹sci-fi ⊹collective care ⊹joy Inspired by Omnibus News #1 (1969), Assembling (1970–87), and other assembling publications, Urgency Reader is an experiment in publishing as a gesture of call and response: the ...
Urgency Reader 2: Mutual Aid Publishing During Crisis began with a 10-day open call that was announced on March 18, 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The call for work was motivated by two desires: 1—to collectively document some of the extraordinary conditions, dynamics, and emotions being experienced while in quarantine, and 2—to provide some relief to artists and writers impacted by the crisis, in both creative and monetary forms. How might publishing as artistic practice embody communal care? More than 100 artists and writers submitted work, mostly generated during quarantine. Contributors were compensated a total of $2,295, using funds from ...

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