As Sci-Fi predictions are realized, and we begin to countenance serving under, living with – and even loving – robots, discussion turns to what constitutes “artificial intelligence” and to what extent we are sentient beings or just programmed automatons ourselves.

Though we are now completely reliant on machines and have wrought a world where we are helpless without them, we still feel superior to them in that we have “free will”; Meanwhile, the computers, appliances, and gadgets upon which we depend are programmed by those of our creed (i.e. humans).

“Free will” would be defined as the ability to choose; what we think, what we do, who we will be, and how we govern our lives. Free will has been a much ballyhooed human conceit since ‘the Enlightenment’ at least, and modern neoliberal ideology hinges on this concept of self-expression and construction of identity as the end goal of our society’s twin obsessions: wealth accumulation and consumerism.

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