Vuk Ćosić, the Serbian pioneer of, monologues with Franco and Eva Mattes, the famous Italian pair of art pranksters, also known as He leaves blanks to be filled by them in another moment, creating an asynchronous text performance. They build a dissertation about their recent works – like FreedomNo Fun and Plan C – as Eva and Franco Mattes add comments and further explanations to Ćosic’s observations and hints.

The readers will find out that the three artists had met in Slovenia way back in 1998, when they were all the same person, Luther Blissett. Touchingly, Eva and Franco give thanks to Vuk for having made them discover, and thereby their artistic (and life) vocation.

The text has been left exactly as it was written by the three interlocutors, typos included. In the end, they even make an appointment, mixing private and public coherently with many of their artistic projects.

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