The ​art world​, as it is known today, can be understood as an enormous ecosystem. Or, more accurately, as a series of ecosystems, incorporating artists, cultural institutions, funders, collectors and many others. This publication series is intended for those with an interest in the development of future art ecosystems. Each issue will provide strategic analysis and recommendations in areas where new actors and processes are emerging.

This inaugural issue of FAE focuses on practices that artists are developing in their work with advanced technologies and the new infrastructure being built around these practices. The view presented here is based on the Serpentine’s experience working with artists in the field, as well as ongoing conversations across broader networks as part of the organisation’s commitment to sector-convening around art and technology. As discussed in the Afterword to this document, in a conversation between Ben Vickers, the Serpentine’s Chief Technology Officer, and Hans Ulrich Obrist, the Serpentine’s Artistic Director, the broader context of this work is the long tradition of cross-connections between cultural practitioners and organisations that develop technology. But today, a new generation of artists working directly with advanced technologies is emerging, and analysis of their activities and approaches suggests an urgent need for a long-term strategic vision for art x advanced technologies (AxAT)…

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