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A scan of the original type-written exhibition pamphlet accompanying Scott Burton’s 1980 performance at the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum of “Individual Behavior Tableaux” with an essay by the curator Michael Auping. Auping describes the performance, part of Burton’s “Behavior Tableaux” series, in which a single lanky naked male performer (Kent Hines) wears platform shoes and moves in slow motion with a chaise longue designed by Burton. The audience had to sit extremely close together 80 feet away from the the slow moving and silent performance, as Burton was as interested in what happened in the performance as he was in what happened between the members of the audience. Heartbreakingly, all video documentation of Burton’s performances have been lost, although there are photos and hand-written notes in his archive at MoMA that was donated after his death from AIDS in 1989. (GH)

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