Inhabitants (Season Two)

Inhabitants is an online channel for exploratory video and documentary reporting. We produce and stream short-form videos intended for online distribution, with each episode focusing on a different topic. We have collaborated with institutions such as Haus der Kulturen Der Welt and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (Berlin), Museu Colecção Berado (Lisbon), Contour8 biennale (Belgium), and are currently collaborating with TBA21 for a video series on Deep Sea Mining. We are actively engaged with both artists and political agents on the ground, and are open to any inquires and suggestions.

Our videos are free and intended for online viewing. However, if you wish to host or screen them in a public program we appreciate you contact us beforehand. This way we can provide better quality content and help you in contextualizing our episodes and any political issues involved.

Series Titles

  • PublisherInhabitants2016
    This episode, set within the context of inhabitants’s collaboration with Contour Biennale 8, weighs the fiction of allegorical images against the concept of the legal fictitious person. In particular, it puts in perspective the abstract body of Justice in relation to the status attributed to corporations for juridical purpose under the United States code of law. Set to the tone of feminist post-punk bands and composers, we draw on a recent US Supreme Court legal case that granted religious rights to a corporation called Hobby Lobby, which allowed it to deny its federal obligation to provide contraceptive healthcare to its female employees. ...
  • PublisherInhabitants2016-2017
    For An Oil Free Future is a mini-series of protest videos against fossil fuel prospection and extraction (oil and natural gas) off the Portuguese coast (offshore) and in land (onshore) through fracking. Synopsis: In a dystopian future in which oil extraction has become a catastrophic reality in Portugal, a citizen-journalist looks back and questions how it was possible to go ahead with such plans. Over the last few years, and particularly in 2015 under the former PSD/CDS-PP right-wing government, several contracts were signed between the Portuguese State and major oil companies (Galp, Partex, Repsol, Eni, Australis, Cosmos and the controversial Portfuel). The matter ...
  • PublisherInhabitants2017
    “If you see something, film it.” Citizen-shot footage distributed through social media has galvanized social movements, in the demand for transparency and accountability. As a political tool, such videos have reverted surveillance against itself, proposing instead a record that comes from below; in other words, a type of vigilance led by citizens against power and abuse, in what has been called “sousveillance”. Yet, beyond our newsfeeds, how does citizen-shot video actually become evidence? How does it perform in the courtroom? Do most of these videos have legal value? Images that have truth-value in the court of public opinion may not in reality ...
  • PublisherInhabitants2017
    For the third and final contribution to Contour 8 Biennale, inhabitants has commissioned Adam Khalil and Zack Khalil in order to host an urgent reflection on indigenous sovereignty, the undead violence of museum archives, and post-mortem justice. Filmmakers Adam and Zack Khalil (Ojibway), in collaboration with artist Jackson Polys, investigate the recent court case that decided the fate of the remains of a prehistoric Paleoamerican man found in Kennewick, Washington State in 1996. The case pitted the Umatilla people and other tribes, who wanted to provide a burial to the  “Ancient One,” against two scientists—one of which from the publicly-funded Smithsonian Institute—who wanted ...

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