Julia Scher “Filzengraben Boulevard”
November 29, 2020 at Drei, Cologne and Kunsthaus Glarus

“Charles Sloan”: Julia Scher
“Julia”: Elisa R. Linn
Host (“The Center”): Joseph Lubitz
Online survey conceived by Elisa R. Linn and Joseph Lubitz. Designed by Chiara Sbolci.
Concept and zoom chat text by Elisa R. Linn.

Note: All participants were required to complete an online survey prior to attending this event, which took place on the application “Zoom.” The survey can be viewed at: filzengrabenblvd.getaccess.experimentallectures.org

The introduction for the event, as well as a series of messages from “Julia,” occurred via the chat function of Zoom. The text of the chat is reproduced in its entirety in the transcript of the event.

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