Junior Aspirin Radio Podcasts

Series Editors Andy Cooke, Dan Fox, Ashley Marlowe, Nathaniel Mellors

Junior Aspirin is an independent record label run by Andy Cooke (London), Dan Fox (New York), Ashley Marlowe (Brighton) and Nathaniel Mellors (LA / Amsterdam). Founded in London in 2002, the label has released singles, LPs and compilations by a diverse roster of artists, covering a range of music from garage rock, through post-punk to improvised electronics and – with the release of Invisible Polytechnic’s version of Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ in 2011 – modern composition. JA produce all the own artwork for their releases, or collaborate with artist friends and colleagues. Furthermore, the series of podcasts has developed into an ongoing collaboration between the label and the New York/Los Angeles based group Dexter Sinister for their Serving Library; in 2011 they produced four ‘audio lectures’ for the Serving Library’s residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada, and for Dexter Sinister’s exhibition at Artists Space, New York.

Series Titles

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