Since the Autumn of 2012 we have been attempting to connect a variety of musical and conceptual work in which we feel strongly exists in, points towards, or employs an area that could be described as the liminal. We both feel that this is not something so easily defined, does not have to do with a particular kind of work, nor is a particular thing or perceptual understanding. Yet at the same time we feel that in some music or ideas this area becomes quite important- actually vital to the total experience- even if it is not to be directly discussed. For our contribution to Lateral Addition we decided to compile an audio essay of responses from a selection of composers we knew and think are working directly, or indirectly, in this area of the liminal. (In two cases, we included previously written/recorded comments from recently deceased artists who spoke eloquently on the subject). Those who chose to respond, and how they did so, greatly determined the outcome of the piece, which in many ways is very different than what we would have done on our own. We are grateful to the participants who took the time to contribute and their varied responses have opened new tangents of inquiry.

Catherine Lamb and Bryan Eubanks, January 2014

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