In today’s world where time is a valued commodity and the motto ”live everyday like it’s your last” is stuck to your ever faster outdated refrigerator’s door, the forest stands for values of stark contrast. Consider the pine. It takes an average pine 120 years to become useful as timber. Timber that is used to build the houses around you.

By accepting one of our prepared seed bags, you are encouraged to experience the amount of time and effort that is required to produce one single pine tree, but also the vast amount of positive side effects tied to its growing. We offer a glimpse of an alternative future where everyone is a forester for the sake of the generations to come.

There already are a lot of trees, why should you care? In handling the little seeds growth, the foundation for a collective future is laid. The time being spent on the trees will not benefit yourself, at least not economically. It is a symbol of a future where more people are committed to the sustainable survival of the common. The final outcome is as uncertain as the future itself.

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