Poetic Fictions from Brazil

Mariana de Matos is a visual artist and poet. Mineira, of the ‘Vale do Rio Doce’, its land was the home of the botocudo indians that resisted by decades to the dominion of the colonizer. Currently resides in São Paulo, the locomotive of fiction in the southeast. She graduated in Visual Arts at the Guignard School (UEMG) without having black teachers and researches the contribution of black poetry to decoloniality, in the master’s degree in Literary Theory (UFPE) where there are still no black teachers. Exercises the tension between the official version of the story and polyphonic counter-narratives; hegemony, power relations, and new contours for old structures. Investigates representation, delusion of modernity, invention of difference, subjectivity, narrative of itself and colonial wound. She acts in hybrid languages, is interested in emotion as a system of enjoyment of the world and is dedicated to the fusion between the fields of image and word. Since 2010 she has developed the Poetry as Lands- cape project, an urban poetic procedure.

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