For NDP#5, artist and musician Sadie Laska helped with the process of inviting contributors. NDP#5 is the final installment of North Drive Press. We’ve been consistently amazed by the enthusiasm and inventiveness of our many contributors. Each year, with a varied cast of more than forty, we’ve been able to provide the support and editorial response necessary to compile this non-traditional publication. NDP #5 is a great note to end on: we’ve helped produce a dynamic assortment of artists’ multiples, from temporary tatoos to custom-made soap; and published a varied and compelling collection of interviews, panel discussions, and texts. We hope North Drive Press has added to the long, rich history of innovative, artist-made publications, and we hope our readers will be inspired to continue to investigate the exciting possibilities that non-traditional formats have to offer.


B’L’ing & UbuWeb
Fia Backström & Joseph Logan
Andreas Bunte & Kathrin Meyer
Ann Craven & Amy Granat
Trinie Dalton & Francine Spiegel
Roe Ethridge & Fia Backström
Eve Fowler & A.L. Steiner
Luke Fowler & Matt Wolf
Martha Friedman & Heather Rowe
Georg Gatsas & Norbert Möslang
Sam Gordon & B. Wurtz
Matt Hoyt & Jay Sanders
Melissa Ip & Cary Kwok
Clifford Owens & Christopher Y. Lew

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