Akira Mizuta Lippit “Like Cats and Dogs—Cinema and Catastrophe”

The inaugural issue of the Parasophia Chronicle features a transcript (in Japanese) of Mr. Akira Mizuta Lippit’s lecture in June (Open Research Program 01 [Lecture] Akira Mizuta Lippit “Like Cats and Dogs—Cinema and Catastrophe”) and an original essay (in English) written by Mr. Lippit based on the same lecture. This issue is available as a PDF with photographs taken during the lecture, as well as an EPUB, an electronic publication format that can be opened in iBooks and other viewers. The latter is recommended for those who would like to customize the document’s font size and more.

The Parasophia Chronicle is a series of electronic publications edited by the Parasophia Office. Its main purpose is to present a public record of the office’s research, including lecture transcripts and other records of the Open Research Program.

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