“Socrates loves philosophy but is mad about Phaedrus. So he seduces the young and handsome man under a tree with the words that matter most.” — Back cover of Phaedrus Pron

Artist and writer Paul Chan transforms Phaedrus, the famous dialogue by Plato about love, madness, and the powers of the divine, into a relentless and absurdly funny exchange between two men searching for the right words to say the very wrong things.

Phaedrus Pron was written using a unique set of fonts created by Chan that turns letters, numbers, and grammatical marks into phrases and sentence fragments. Chan’s fonts instantly translate what you type into words that you did not intend to write. Each font embodies a different idiolect, expressing a different “voice” that echoes characters from literature, classical and modern poets, and contemporary public figures.

Works of art in themselves, the fonts extend the possibilities of writing by rewriting what is written with a simple change of font in your computer: from Times new roman to…Phaedrus Pron!

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