Printed Web

Printed Web is an artists' publication devoted to web-to-print art and discourse, published by Paul Soulellis. The project began in 2014 as a way to present new work by artists included in Soulellis’ Library of the Printed Web. Artists are invited to submit new or existing network-based work for the printed page. In the spirit of Seth Siegelaub, each issue is curated as a group exhibition for the printed page. Printed Web circulates primarily as print-on-demand publications, but also includes PDFs, ZIPs, GIFs, and server directories. More than 220 artists and writers have contributed to the project through issue #5. Individual issues are widely held in special artists’ publications collections and libraries, including Whitney Museum of American Art, Yale University, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Walker Center, and NY Public Library. The Library of the Printed Web was acquired earlier this year by The Museum of Modern Art Library.

Series Titles

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