Promise No Promises!

Series Editors Chus Martínez, Quinn Latimer
Research Assistant Alice Wilke
Recording Konrad Sigl
Editing and Sound Design Elena Zieser

Promise No Promises! is a podcast series produced by the Womxn’s Center for Excellence, a research project between the Art Institute and the Instituto Susch—a joint venture with Grażyna Kulczyk and Art Stations Foundation CH. The Womxn’s Center for Excellence is conceived as a think tank tasked to assess, develop, and propose new social languages and methods to understand the role of women in the arts, culture, science, and technology, as well as in all knowledge areas that are interconnected with the field of culture today.

The notion of the voice is a crucial one in the historical development of women’s consciousness and their position and agency in society. How to discern when women are speaking in their own voices goes hand in hand with the question of how to know who we are and doing what we really want to do. The spoken and the unspoken are two dimensions of the inquiry into «who benefits from our silence or what are the effects and consequences of our voices?» Mostly unspoken practices of gender-based exclusion and discrimination favor the interests of others.

Series Titles

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