Open File

PublisherOpen File2011
A cumulative publication was created in collaboration with White Room Press for the Open File series at Grand Union, pages and content were added to the publication throughout the events.
PublisherOpen File2012
Three discrete A5 publications were produced for our two events and screening programme at MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, which were collected together in a specially made outer-jacket.
PublisherOpen File2013
Hashfail is the first in the series of three nation-wide events by Open File investi- gating the distribution and production of art through the use of virtual and digital platforms via sound, performance and digital media. Hashfail coincides with (On) Accordance a project by or-bits. com and Grand Union. A Torrent file is a file distributed via the web through the rapid peer-to-peer ‘seeding’ of information. Becoming representative or pirate and copyright- infringing distribution it is also a mode of sharing that relies upon direct con- nection with other anonymous users of the internet. A Hashfail occurs when ‘seeded’ files have become ...
PublisherOpen File2014
Coinciding with A Rehearsal, OUTPOST Gallery, March 2014 the publication features contributions from Maia Conran, Daniel Kelly, Fay Nicolson, Patrick Staff and Cara Tolmie alongside a commissioned text by Jamie Sutcliffe.

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