Published on the occasion of the exhibition Chekhov’s Gun at 062 Gallery.

An industrial revolution is a product test that everyone participates in. One’s participation is induced by the diffusion of new technologies, the depth of their adoption and their aggregate influence.1 In a promotional video, the World Economic Forum heralds the fourth industrial revolution as “blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.”2 A visit to Davos truly is not complete without an experience of these new forms of time compression. Try out the seventy-five minute refugee simulation sponsored by Facebook.3 Tell us about your experience having your emotions manipulated.4

Nonconsensual corporate beta testing is the lifeblood of the new economy, each drop carefully calibrated in a Theranos-branded nanotainer at an Arizona Walgreens.5 The industrial revolution changes us.6 Awash in sleek Silicon Valley buzzwords, a sea of electric scooters dumped overnight on the sidewalks begins to look like a new model for public transportation spending.7 Networked identities are stretchy things, elastic in their sensitivity to the economies of perception: “disruption” is both what you make of it and what it makes of you. To hail a rideshare vehicle is to be hailed by it, the customizable color of your avatar interpellating your own position as a test subject…

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