Selva: A Journal of the History of Art

Selva is a journal of the history and historiography of art. The journal aims to move beyond the discipline’s present impasses by going to the roots of art historical method, excavating previous iterations of art history, and also serving as a vantage from which to survey live problems in aesthetics, politics, and theory. Each issue examines a specific discourse of both historical and contemporary relevance. The publication accordingly balances translations and archival material with new articles on topics related to the theme of a given issue. Selva is meant to generate dialogue across disciplinary subfields, to find out what remains vital, or at least instructive, in art history’s past—asking what art history has been, what it could have been, and what it might become. Selva channel the study of art towards a more urgent engagement with our current state of crisis, both within and without the academy.

Series Titles

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