Library Stack collects, indexes and archives born-digital media from artists, designers, critics, theorists and philosophers. The catalog brings thousands of contemporary digital publications — artists’ ebooks, podcasts, journals, filmed lectures, field recordings, experimental typefaces and software — into library discoverability, expanding institutional access to new formats while circulating the items to wider audiences in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Artists, faculty, students and researchers use Library Stack to find and access new titles, investigate new concepts, share course readings, research collaboratively and borrow unique artists’ ebooks.

For Libraries

Library Stack works directly with academic and museum libraries to provide catalog access and advanced metadata research tools. Library subscriptions provide complete access to original works, with full-text searching and other advanced features, and to the rich metadata of thousands of unique documents through discovery-layer integration services including EBSCO, ProQuest and WorldCat. Contact us to learn more about our library services.

For Publishers

Library Stack is building Common Access Archive, a non-profit initiative to protect openly-circulating content in perpetuity using modern cloud storage systems.

For artists and publishers producing commercial ebooks, journals or digital multiples, Library Stack provides a distribution platform with direct sales to institutional libraries. Contact us to learn more about digital library sales.


Participating Libraries

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