But sounds have been heard in the sky. They have been heard, and it is not possible to destroy the records of them. They have been heard. In their repetitions and regularities of series and intervals, we shall recognize perhaps interpretable language. Columns of clouds, different- colored by sunset, have vibrated to the artillery of other worlds like the strings of a cosmic harp, and I conceive of no buzzing of insects that can forever divert attention from such dramatic reverberations. Language has shone upon the dark parts of the moon: luminous exclamations that have fluttered in the lunar crater Copernicus; the eloquence of the starlike light in Aristarchus; hymns that have been chanted in lights and shades upon Linné; the wilder, luminous music in Plato-

– Charles Fort “New Lands”


For the past 7 years, under the project Lxv I have attempted to instigate occurrences of apophenia, the “unmotivated seeing of connections accompanied by a specific feeling of abnormal meaningfulness” (K. Conrad); by obscuring language and sounds and taking prerecorded samples and field recordings and processing them in a way to create time distortions and auditory contraptions. If we understand “modern media technology- ever since the invention of film and gramophones- as fundamentally arranged to undermine sensory perception” (F. Kittler) then, if successful, I was just cascading upon a preexisting illusion. I am interested in the idea of pattern recognition in music, and an often thin leash to which a listener may follow deviations from an expected path; presented by such elements as tempo, beat, genre and other given parameters. It is said that rhythm is the one indispensable element of all music. I have a horrible sense of rhythm, maybe its because my ears are crooked on my head, but where exactly is the rhythmic line? Plato’s observation is that rhythm is simply “an order of movement”. The sounds presented in this mix represent my own tendencies to seek out, or to recognize patterns, maybe where they are not; in white noise, clicks, interference, in random sound occurrences. The sounds are mostly gathered from my own amateur experiments in the field with VLF and shortwave radios, from electronic interference in my faulty consumer electronics, from exchanging image file data as sound, and from static.

Order of sounds:

Number Station (FDR Park, Philadelphia, tuned by Kira, 4/19/20)

Radio Low Pass (year unknown)

Thunderstorm received by “Tesla” style open tuned crystal radio (Girard Ave. Philadelphia, 9/18/18)

Dual Oscillators Pure data (year unknown)

Realistic Synth (3/20)

Field Recording (Frazeysburg, Ohio, 5/17)

Shit Charger (Year Unknown)

VLF Radio (The Serpent Mound, Ohio, 5/17)

Roland SP808EX (Year Unknown)

VLF Pitched (Year Unknown)

Shortwave, Thunderstorm (4/20)

Shortwave, Bit reduced (3/20)

Unknown JPEG (Year unknown)

Radio Arrangement (3/20)

– DS

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