The essay is a commentary of the last ten years of Smetnjak’s intellectually, politically and ethically outstanding production. Intellectually as a collection of theoretic – yet not academic – references, which makes them contemporary, to the point and intriguing and not a part of the canon established for the purpose of raising epigons of one ‘school’ or another. Politically as an exercise in thought, which does not assume fixed sides or viewpoints – not because it would be vague or opportunistic, but because it is too intense to be caught in the fixed positions of identity. Ethically as an attitude towards the world and oneself, refusing to accept the existing, but not being critical to it in a way that affirms the opposite (as this would presuppose criticism from a standpoint of a fixed identity), nor being outraged or judgemental (nonconformity not based on morality). The most important methods of Smetnjak’s operation are singular humour and not taking sides.

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