Dear Virus,
We want to write to you this communication, as a short note of thank you. To our human companions on this planet, such a gesture would appear a betrayal, since at this very moment you have been declared as an enemy of humanity . Not since the events of September ll has there been such unanimity and propogation of fear and the mobilization of uncritical construction of an enemy toward relinquishing further power to states and exposing our most intimate (i.e., personal and impersonal) details ? habits to the observation, surveillance, determination. In some states, even what can and cannot be said about you and your reach is monitored and controlled. Clearly, even in the chaos that our arrival and dispersion has wrought, there are companies, investors, and state actors who are exploring around the clock how they may benefit in long lasting ways from your presence / existence. But as the Society has neither a great trust in the State nor in the Capitalist ‘Community’ Enterprise…

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