In this epic osteogeographical podcast recorded entirely on location, we go back to the future and take a tour around Cornwall with author Thomas Moynihan to discuss his book Spinal Catastrophism. In the last section Shaun Lewin joins us at Plymouth station to talk railway spines.

00:00:00 Introduction

00:06:34 Pencallenick Obelisk
00:12:00 The Creepy Recurrency of a Peculiar Idea
00:14:30 German Idealism and Trauma
00:16:15 Copernicanism, Deep Time, Organic and Inorganic
00:18:55 Unconscious as Indigestion of the Idea
00:20:52 Wakefulness as Retrograde Amnesia
00:22:04 Wrongmindedness, Methodology, and Theory-Fiction
00:23:23 Desiring-Theory and Metaphorology

00:25:50 A Cave, Trevaunance Cove
00:26:44 Into Eternity, the Mines of Falun, Slowtime
00:30:15 Xenocommunication
00:31:54 Depth as Memory, Nicholas Steno
00:34:13 Earth as a Storehouse of Possibilia
00:36:46 Plutonic Embryology
00:41:00 Nervous System as Empowering Entrapment
00:42:10 Woes of Monkeyflake, Language and Pain
00:44:30 Jellyfish Anamnesis, Grumpy Wyndham Lewis, and the Time Mind
00:48:55 Cognitive Oncology, Philosophical Anthropology, Herder
00:53:09 Artificialisation
00:54:00 Underdetermination, Modernity, Evolutionary Heritage
00:55:57 Time Complex of Recapitulation and Relativity
00:59:22 Modernity and Recapitulationism
01:00:00 The Body as Exploded Cross-Section of Total Time
01:01:40 Plot, Navigation, Surface and Mine
01:05:03 Microcosm and Macrocosm
01:06:34 Leibniz, Contingency, Possible Worlds
01:09:05 Thresholds into Alternate Pasts, Shelley
01:10:50 The Body Becomes a Portal into Virtuality
01:11:42 Ferenczi

01:12:15 The Lizard
01:13:13 Why the Spine?
01:14:00 Hartmann and the Unconscious
01:16:55 Reflex Arcs, Vivisected Puppies, Neuro-Phylo
01:17:56 Neuronics
01:19:00 Our Inner Fish, Physiology of Time-Travel, The Voices of Time
01:20:50 Pathology as Time-Desynch, The Flimsy Present, Picnic at Hanging Rock
01:24:14 Spinal Dreams and Time Dilation
01:25:22 Hughlings Jackson and Relative Diagnostics, Time-Sickness
01:26:45 Ferenczi, Longing for Return
01:29:10 Hartmann’s Omnicidal Metaphysics, Regression, Bioanalysis

01:31:10 Plymouth Station — with Shaun Lewin
01:32:11 Public Transport Dragged Me Down the Spinal Landscape
01:36:06 Priapic Spine and Wandering Womb
01:39:20 Cephalic Teleology
01:41:43 Velikovsky, Freud, and Fish
01:45:30 Recapitulationism in Contemporary Biology
01:47:33 Embryology as Cancel Culture, Gregory Bateson, Radial Monsters
01:49:44 Every Chicken is Potentially a Velociraptor
01:50:43 Planetary Phylogeny
01:53:18 Convergence, Encephalic Teleology Redux, Nasalisation
01:56:30 Possibility Space, Vultures, Biological and Economic Niches
01:59:05 Nietzsche’s Headaches
02:03:09 Chakras, Metaphorology, Tautegory
02:04:27 Manipulation and Cognition
02:06:20 Intelligence is Not a Thing, Ice Age Curlews
02:10:16 Externalisation, Slasher Peppa Pig, Eaten By Your Own Prostheses
02:16:33 Future Palaeontologists, Endurance Runners, Evolved For Swiping
02:21:57 Vibratruncles, Drum Solos, Waxy Segments
02:23:47 Tooled-up Worms, Bilateralism, Segmented Spine
02:27:13 Sieved Spongebob, Shadow Biosphere
02:28:42 Transcendental Morphology, Cuvier vs. St Hilaire
02:30:55 Cuvier, Discontinuity, Deep Time
02:33:25 Stretching Worms Into Sponges, How Catastrophism Got Its Bad Name
02:36:14 Absolute Contingency, Uni vs Cata (Humean All Too Humean)
02:40:31 The Catholic Strata, The Great Die-Off and The Plastacene
02:44:19 1000 Plateaus, History, More Segmentation, PAX6
02:48:40 Biosphere as Claymation, Universal History of Contingency, D&G Are So 80s
02:52:14 Contingency of Capitalism, Spongebob and Mediaeval Chinese Buddhism
02:52:47 Determinism, Ballard’s Quantum Spine, The Dragonflies Get Massive
02:55:26 Techno Worm, Probe Head, All Segmented Roads lead to Detroit

02:58:00 Launch Event

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