The Pitch

“A framework of understanding.”

The pitch is a playing field. Four players

trying to pitch something, an idea, a sound.

A tone of definite frequency.

The Pitch is a co-sharing of musical space,

of certain parameters, limitations and an instrumental

awkwardness collectively carried into brightness.

Working out simple ideas to see how far

we can take them. How long we can play them.

How often we can handle them.

Modes of interaction, rules of engagement,

aesthetic agreements, instrumental limitations.

Reducing material until we’ve reached the core.

Initiative, shared intuition, collective composition, instrumentation.

Bass harmonics doubling the clarinet,

vibraphone rounding out the harmona,

sine tones combining instrumental forces.

The harmona is missing pitches. Playing such an archaic,

flawed instrument is a deliberate limitation.

We discovered how to sound together. What to play

and when to play it. Every small decision having

huge consequences for the outcome of the whole.

It seems like we’ve just gotten started. / “It’s actually getting quite good now.”

—- —- —- —-

The Pitch was founded in Berlin in the year 2009 by BB, KN, MJO and MT with the aim to create a common musical language to be used to play structured improvisations; together and with guests. The peculiar instrumentation was a deliberate attempt to create an ensemble which would rather focus on pitch constellations and the creation of a group sound and group strategies than on the development of individual improvisational languages or elaborate extended instrumental techniques played at the same time.

They have an upcoming concert with legendary Viennese ensemble Polwechsel, for which a new piece has been collectively composed by the two ensembles combining materials and strategies in real time.

More sounds and information about The Pitch:

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Subatomic Motion (i7 / sine tones / tape)

The Pitch
Boris Baltschun – pump organ, function generators
Koen Nutters – upright bass
Morten J Olsen – vibraphone
Michael Thieke – clarinet

Composed by The Pitch
Recorded and transferred by Morten J Olsen
Recorded in Berlin, April 2017

Text by Koen Nutters

*The first phrase of the writing was constructed late one night
with the assistance of Martijn Tellinga.

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