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THROAT’ is the new album by composer/producer Aaron David Ross (ADR). Arriving as the New York artist’s second release on PAN, ‘THROAT’ is made entirely from vocal sounds. It could only be crafted in the ultra-present; an age where the poetry of songwriting is flattened into catchy hooks. As words are sliced into sounds, ideas are reduced to sibilant syllables that still contain a range of emotional power, but deliver it in subversively different ways. ‘THROAT’ exploits these ways, borrowing vocal fragments from everywhere to collage a choral congregation of singing servers; pinging one another to create open-source equal-opportunity electronic pop music. Reichian ...
This full-spectrum audio trailer for Audint—Unsound:Undead features some of the sonic phenomena explored in the book, and pays tribute to some other spectres still close to us.
This conversation took place during the development of Florian Hecker’s piece Speculative Solution, an Urbanomic commission that explored Quentin Meillassoux’s concept of ‘Hyperchaos.’
In this discussion from the 2009 Urbanomic event Sound Out of Line, Florian Hecker discusses the evolution of his work, sound synthesis, and the nature of collaboration
In an extended mix of their conversation with Electronic Beats magazine, electronic music producer and DJ Lee Gamble talks sound, thought, abstraction, and jungle with Urbanomic director Robin Mackay
A conversation with Steven Warwick aka Heatsick about his March 2016 show Neutral at Exile in Berlin, followed by the text of his play Neonliberal, in which a gaggle of animated superfoods travel around Fortress Europe seeking the hip and the accelerated; and an exclusive Heatsick track, StaylienZ.
François J. Bonnet talks about The Order of Sounds: A Sonorous Archipelago, his book on the philosophy of sound and listening, explaining the motivation behind its examination of modes of listening and its mapping of plural sonic ontologies, and expanding on some of the concepts he introduces in order to take account of the ‘schizological’ nature of sound. The podcast concludes with an exclusive track by Bonnet’s alter-ego Kassel Jaeger. Music used in this podcast: Kassel Jaeger, ‘Campo Del Cielo’, from Deltas (Editions Mego). Bernard Parmegiani, ‘Des mots et des sons’, from L’Oeuvre Musicale (INA-GRM). Robin Mackay, Field Recording from St Agnes beach, 12 May 2016 0930. TLAOTLON, ‘The Co-Domain’, from Natural ...
PublisherLateral Addition2019
I noticed a long strand of VHS tape entwined around a power line running adjacent to a bridge that crosses over a freight train yard. I walked across the bridge everyday, each time the strand shifted from the wind, its movement held in a new form of continuous fluctuation and radiating motion in fluid contortions. At night I would walk across the bridge or just stand there to listen to the long sustained tones of railway flanges weaving around one another forming a shrill, gossamer bloom or emanating solitarily in the distance. The anti-vacuum tubes of the train engines would ...
PublisherNew Images2014
Conceived as a series of structured improvisations, the album joins fiery drumming with titanic guitar abstraction for a collection of sharply focused sonic passages. It’s music with the harshest colors upfront, and in detail. Licht’s guitar is the torrential speech at hand, and its dynamic limits are bound only by the album’s timespan. The improvisatory epic “18:12” finds Chase teasing out overtones in his snare drum and tom toms that interface with the flood of harmonics that spill out of Licht’s dizzying runs. The searing ambient drone piece “Irreal/Erosion” is a mind-meld that uses the just intonation experiments of Chase’s solo ...
Primary Information and From The Nursery are pleased to announce their first collaborative release, an album by XXX MACARENA, a band comprised of Tony Conrad on violin, Jutta Koether on synthesizer, and John Miller on guitar. XXX MACARENA was recorded live at the Kunsthalle Zurich in June 2009. The performance is an entirely improvised 42-minute piece that ranges from microscopic detail to seismic wall-of-sound, full of intensities and introspection; a composition in-the-moment — like a crime, understood as somehow both premeditated and a matter of chance.

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