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PublishersMottoChert Gallery2013
A conversation between David Horvitz with David Senior.
PublisherDroste Effect2018
“I have been photographing myself since 1982. If I fail to take a picture on a given day, I advance the film one frame so no image is recorded. This visual calendar consists of 2,500+ photographs that include my body from head to toe, as well as my environment. On occasion, I insert digital reenactment files to contrast with specific images or add an old family photograph for more context. Most often I’m by myself in these straightforward images, but sometimes I’m with family and friends. As time passes, births, deaths, celebrations, and bad days happen. Pets come and go, fashions ...
PublisherBadlands Unlimited2016
“Dynasty” is the first e-book by the acclaimed fashion designer Bernard Willhelm. “Dynasty” documents Willhelm’s newfound Southern California existence. The constant documentation of his daily life demonstrates his humorous, inquisitive, and obsessive way of seeing the world: images of the food he devours, the scenic landscapes surrounding him, his own body, various gay paraphernalia, the texts he avidly reads, notes, and seemingly disparate objects. All of this comes together in “Dynasty” to show how incredibly present Willhelm is in his own life. The styling of his photos mirror the energy and narrative thrust of contemporary photographers like Wolfgang Tillmans. “Dynasty” ...
PublisherLink Editions2013
Damiano Nava likes to use the camera as a diary. After moving to Berlin, in November 2009, he found it hard to spontaneously meet people of his generation who might be interested in being photographed. He didn’t speak German, and it was hard for him to establish the kind of intimate relationship required for the project. “I was like someone having problems finding a soulmate, so it seemed like a natural step to turn to the internet”, he writes in his introduction. He wrote an ad and posted it on Craigslist and Exberliner. For about two years, the ad generated ...
Publisheronestar press2010
“And I am always reaching to tune in, and so I’m always trying to tune out, conceptually trying to have a dialed in output that mirrors these beliefs, these ways of seeing, ways of believing, ways of doubting, and ways to relate. I have pure love and I have pure loss, and they both fill me up. I have always had time, it tips out the top of my cap every morning and every night, it can be frustrating and explosive, a nascent place in which we all live, and expressive understanding is the biggest pursuit. These photographs are from ...
Photomediations: A Reader offers a radically different way of understanding photography. The concept of photomediations that unites the twenty scholarly and curatorial essays collected here cuts across the traditional classification of photography as suspended between art and social practice in order to capture the dynamism of the photographic medium today. It also explores photography’s kinship with other media – and with us, humans, as media. The term ‘photomediations’ brings together the hybrid ontology of ‘photomedia’ and the fluid dynamism of ‘mediation’. The framework of photomediations adopts a process- and time-based approach to images by tracing the technological, biological, cultural, social and political ...
PublisherLink Editions2012
Released on the occasion of the presentation of the exhibition Collect the WWWorld. The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age at 319 Scholes, New York (October 18–November 4, 2012), this book presents Ryan Trecartin’s series of prints “A Lossless Fall 2010” together with its background documentation, in order to allow the reader to better get into an iconic, seminal piece of contemporary art. In November 2010, Ryan Trecartin published in the fashion and design magazine “W” the portraits of four of his long time collaborators: Lizzie Fitch, Veronica Gelbaum, Telfar Clemens, and Ashland Mines. The group was titled “A ...
The first episode of Seeing is Forgetting! I speak with John about his studio practice, his family influencing the work he makes, and how success can complicate friendships.
PublisherTriple Canopy2010
Artist Erin Shirreff’s motivation for developing Shadow, Glare, the first work she’s designed for a digital environment, stems from those moments when the screen’s material presence becomes impossible to ignore, when dust accumulations, errant smudges, and the movement of shadows and glares disturb the illusion of transparency. “In my living room the light will shift,” Shirreff explains, “and suddenly I’ll be looking at all the dust on my computer screen, or the splotches of light. That will really jar me back into my chair.” Originally from the article Shadow, Glare.
Publisheronestar press2010
Prose poems depict witness descriptions of ufo encounters. Figures and shadows loom suggestively. Newsprint collages attest to the variety of odd occurences. Is the evidence of an alien invasion all around us? The transparant and elastic meanings in ‘sightings’ suggest a transformation of ordinary facts, an absurdist archaeology of the everyday. EB
PublisherLink Editions2012
Spirit Surfing is an attempt to preserve and share a body of texts and visual essays written by artist, actor and musician Kevin Bewersdorf between 2002 and 2010, collected and edited by Domenico Quaranta without the explicit consent of the author, but according to his philosophy of sharing. Bewersdorf has been very active online between 2007 and 2009, as one of the leading figures of the so-called “pro-surfers” generation. With his works and texts, he had a long-standing influence on the practice and theory of art, not only net-based. When, around 2010, he decided to stop actively promoting himself as an artist, ...
It’s tempting to call sorry to dump on you like a pornographic work, since an actual porn collection is embedded within it—the artist’s own archive of men accumulated in fifteen years of web browsing. But these JPGs serve only as a substrate: thin scaffolding for an epic textual work that hangs loosely from the files.

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