PublisherAsia Art Archive2017
AAA Public Programmes Curator Ingrid Chu explored the international phenomenon of the ‘art book bag’ in a short history of the art book bag (and the things that go in them). Using the last 15 years as a guide, the exhibition featured ‘the things that go in them’—art publications, magazines, and related ephemera—alongside a vast array of these popular totes in the AAA Library. Chu invited artists, curators, art book fair organisers, and print and online publishers to provide insight into the changing modes of knowledge production and circulation, and their influence on recent art of Asia. An associated public talk, ...
Fokus Grupa is an artist collective based in Rijeka, Croatia, founded by Iva Kovač and Elvis Krstulović in 2009. Borrowing their name from a contested research method, used equally for independent research as for PR purposes, they point to the social, economical and political frames of the art field. Their practice is collaborative and interdisciplinary, and it includes art, design and curating. Artistic strategies they use take political shape, without becoming a representational form of ‘political art’. Fokus Grupa concentrates on the relations between art and its public manifestations, in terms of working culture, aesthetics, and social and economic exchange values. Their work investigates ...
PublisherInduction Burners2017
With Ajay Kurian and Darren Bader
PublisherInduction Burners2016
Interview with Rose Marcus
Printed Matter, Gesso Foundation
As part of our publishing program engaged with social activism, Printed Matter published the Artists & Activists Pamphlet Series between 2008 and 2012. Inspired by the legacy of the political pamphlet, these modest format publications offered artists and collectives a space to address some of the social and political concerns of our time and critically examine the concept of art and activism. Twenty pamphlets were created in total, and they were distributed for free at the Printed Matter storefront and included in mail-order packages. Printed Matter is now making the entire series available for free download through our website.
The Bare Prison of Santo Stefano is the seventh issue of a new series of publications issued by Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam. Published as an accompaniment to the presentation at Frieze Art Fair 2011 from 13 october to 16 October 2011 by Wilfried Lentz Gallery. This publication is signed and numbered in an edition of 250 by Rossella Biscotti.
PublisherInduction Burners2016
Interviews with Becky Howland and Gwenn Thomas
PublisherInduction Burners2016
Nick Buffon and Daniel Heidkamp
In a playful conversation with the artist Jonas Mekas, John Lennon and Yoko Ono give insights into their artistic practices, such as singing, influencing each other, and collaborating in films such as Legs which shows the naked legs of the New York artistic community. ——— December 1970, Regency Hotel, New York City: After a spontaneous film festival in the Elgin theatre for which Yoko Ono and John Lennon had produced two new films in only two weeks, the organiser Jonas Mekas and the two artists sat together, exhausted and probably also very happy. They talk about how the audience received the films ...
During the last 15 years – when technology has become more natural and habitual, thus causing people to lose control over it – an emerging scene of network practitioners from different fields has been actively involved in building alternative networks of communication and file sharing. Among the practitioners of this DIY networking scene, a growing number of artists have been playing a crucial role as facilitator, mediator, and commoner of knowledge and experience. The artists have been offering tools of understanding based on their will to expose and make accessible opaque systems in an effort to empower people. Daphne Dragona ...
PublisherInduction Burners2016
Pam Lins and Lee Maida
PublisherLink Editions2017
The first art movement to use collage to collapse together images and ideas, Dada also pioneered concepts, ideas, approaches and modi operandi that were later transfused into contemporary digital tools, becoming commonplace in the digital environment. To celebrate DADA 100, from 5 February 2016 to 5 February 201 7 the online platform and collaborative project shared high quality digital copies of original Dada artworks and magazine covers, inviting artists from all over the world to use them in their work. This book documents the project, presenting 148 remixes produced and shared by participants. Dada is nothing, enjoy Dada!
PublisherFall Semester2016
The drawings in this publication refer to the written essays by visiting and online contributors of Fall Semester 2016, the second iteration of public lectures and open forums. The pamphlets are available during the event and posted online for further free access at Lisa Marie Blackman: “Loving The Alien”, (p. 2, 3, 5) Allison Schifani and David Lyttle: “Magick, Capital, Identity: Embodied Ritual and Technologies of the Resistant Self (Or: how we stopped worrying and learned to love the occult).” (p.4,6) Dora García: “The Right to be Unhappy”, (p. 7, 33) Victoria Ivanova: “On the Ineffable Allure of Achieving Systemic Agency”, (p. 8) Ramón Salas ...
PublisherDroste Effect2018
James R. Southard has been working with small community groups in the hopes of building collaborative digital photo and video projects. Each series has been catered to the issues and concerns of each region through documenting local habits, patterns, rituals, language, history, and so on. This most recent year, James has started to turn the lens around towards himself. He has started to alter this regional material gathering technique into a biographical survey of his late father’s experiences in the 1970s. The resulting work has been a digital collage of still and moving images along with life action shots, building ...
PublisherDroste Effect2019
Published on occasion of Débora Delmar’s exhibition Stressed, Blessed and Coffee Obsessed at Gallleriapiù, Bologna. Starting from Débora Delmar’s portfolio, Daniel Garza Usabiaga narrates the pivotal events and turning points in the artist’s career. Narrative Portfolio is one of three formats in Droste Effect’s publication Bulletin. Narrative Portfolios are aimed at investigating the practice and personal taste of international established artists.
PublisherDroste Effect2019
The artistic practice of Luca Staccioli is research-based, process-oriented, and involves different media including video, sound, photography, sculpture, drawing and collage. Conceived as narrations, his artworks perform an investigative action by questioning the distance between individuals and pre-established values, souvenirs and different times. Facing obsolescence, decay, and a loss of function, the remains of our days come out temporarily from the dynamics of construction of identity and of geographical and historical narratives, before being reabsorbed by economic processes. The artworks of Staccioli stratify and combine micro-histories, uprooted memories, as well as daily objects and nomadic images, proliferating from global-local dimensions ...
PublisherInduction Burners2017
Induction Burners episode #21, with Korakrit Arunanondchai.  
It’s been a rough news week. Between Thursday’s testimonies of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Kavanaugh’s near appointment to the Supreme Court Friday, many of us are exhausted. We would like a win for women. Sometimes the quickest way to achieve that is to do it yourself. As such, this episode of Explain Me celebrates women who have made waves in the world of art and activism, through a series of interviews with four major figures—Mia Pearlman (Make NY True Blue), Jenny Dubnau (ASAP), Nancy Kleaver (PARADE), and Mira Schor (Selected writing). In the first half of ...
The story of this publication goes back to a much earlier idea, that of preparing a booklet on Gülsün Karamustafa’s artistic practice in the context of the 3rd International Istanbul Biennial. The scope of the text, written by Deniz Şengel, was developed in 1992-1993 in collaboration with the artist. However, this work, prepared with meticulous attention to detail, was never published in book form. The project was revived for A Promised Exhibition held at SALT in 2013-2014, and the book has now been transformed into an e-publication that remains faithful to the structure prepared many years ago by Şengel, who passed away ...
PublisherInduction Burners2016
Aaron Gemmill and Dana Schutz
PublisherTulips and Roses2011
Published: March 2011 Design: Joseph Miceli and Lina Ozerkina Published by: Tulips & Roses, Brussels Format: 16 x 24 cm, 32 pages, soft cover, stapled, B&W offset printing Number of copies: 300 Price: 5€
PublisherTulips and Roses2011
Published: October 2011 Design: Joseph Miceli, Lina Ozerkina & Friends Published by: Tulips & Roses, Brussels Format: 16 x 24 cm, 32 pages, soft cover, stapled, Color offset printing Number of copies: 300 Price: 5€
PublisherTulips and Roses2012
Published: November 2012 Design: Joseph Miceli, Lina Ozerkina & Friends Published by: Tulips & Roses, Brussels Format: 16 x 24 cm, 32 pages, soft cover, stapled, Color offset printing Number of copies: 300 Price: 5€ Editors: Aurime Aleksandraviciute, Gintaras Didžiapetris and Jonas Žakaitis
PublisherInduction Burners2017
With Leah Pires and Peter Fend

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