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PublisherStrelka Press2021
Dean Johnson, futurist and head of innovation at Brandwidth, explains how the Internet of Things relies on continuity of experience. 2:02 — About Dean Johnson and what he does 5:14 — Mobile technologies 8:50 — How we developed our first gadget 20:27 — How does an iBook work 21:05 — Urban environments 23:50 — Libraries 25:42 — How do we actually interact with content 37:26 — Why the iPad was so popular and successful 42:19 — Back to the future
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There is no doubt that we live in exciting times: Ours is the age of many ‘silent revolutions’ triggered by startups and research labs of big IT companies; revolutions that quietly and profoundly alter the world we live in. Another ten or five years, and self-tracking will be as normal and inevitable as having a Facebook account or a mobile phone. Our bodies, hooked to wearable devices sitting directly at or beneath the skin, will constantly transmit data to the big aggregation in the cloud. Permanent recording and automatic sharing will provide unabridged memory, both shareable and analyzable. The digitization ...

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