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The Wages for Facebook manifesto appeared anonymously online in 2014. Its website consists of a single page with the manifesto written in bold letters scrolling automatically, denying visitors the ability to use the patented swipe gesture or the scrollbar. Wages for Facebook refers to a 1975 text “Wages against Housework” by Silvia Federici, the feminist author and activist, which addressed the invisible role played by women’s affective labor as mothers, wives, and housewives (although not exclusively) in sustaining capitalism. In the same vein, Wages for Facebook demands that our time spent online, on social media platforms be recognized for what it is: ...
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PublisherLink Editions2015
Everyday we stare at computer screens as we type out emails, write code, upload photos, watch videos, and push around pixels. Billions of pages of information splashed with text and images are accessed daily, composed of colored dots emanating from a screen connected to a computer connected to the Internet. Together, these clusters of colors visually display information that we consume and that we create, colors that make up the viewers’ virtual worlds. What Color Is My Internet? is self portrait of the artist as an internet surfer. The book tells, in visual form, the story of 90 days of Greg ...
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PublisherTriple Canopy2019
An introduction to B-ber, Triple Canopy’s new framework for creating and circulating publications as websites, EPUBs, books, and other formats.

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